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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  October 24, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> kirk: i hear where you are coming from. have you cheated on him? >> i have and i told him about it and he brings it up. >> you hurt my business and stuff. you hurt my business >> i don't want females in my house and hav my daughter seeing thisment my daughter seeing it. why would my daughter say you got a girlfriend >> you could be kermit the frog if you want to record i want the money >> kirk: i want you to get back on stage. i want to hear it. keep coming >> it's crazy man. >> kirk: why was your daughter be saying that cornelius? >> my daughter see females coming in and out. >> kirk: have a seat by me here. have a seat >> you think i'm -- >> kirk: we are going to get back to you. tell me what happened with your cheating. you have cheated in the past >> i have cheated in the past.
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>> kirk: and you think she is still cheating? >> it ain't that. she did it before she will do it again. >> kirk: let me find out. tell me about the cheating in the past. what happened? >> it was with my exboyfriend. but i told him about it. i told him about it and he keeps bringing it up and it makes me think that he is doing something. we got past that but he keeps bringing it up and it's crazy >> kirk: and this is how many years ago? >> like two years ago >> with a co-worker >> that is not true. that is not true >> i made her quit her job when you walk up to somebody and say, hey man, or did you cheat? you know with my girl and he laughs in-your-face it is you know the guy -- not -- >> he make you crazy >> i could have did anything and he laughed in my face like i'm doing this girl. you understand? that there don't make sense >> kirk: were you having an affair with the co-worker?
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>> no, the guy is nice and we worked together >> and i made her quit that job because i did not trust that situation >> kirk: was that bad? so you want her working >> it's better than the job that she had with him you understand. >> kirk: so it worked out >> you cheated on me with your ex why should i believe that you did not cheat with him? >> kirk: at some point you have to trust the woman that you live with. at one point you are going to have to remember that you have a six-year-old daughter and you got to forgive her. >> i want to be around that is the reason we have been going strong for the last three years because i want to be in my life. >> kirk: but you've been going strong for three years but you cheated two years ago? >> right. a cheat situation. >> tiffany's cousin candace has known cornelius was a dog all along. >> she is crazy. >> candace brought a treat for him today.
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welcome candace to the show >> you are a hater. you a hater. you a hater. >> you are a dogment you a dog. you a dog. here you go. you a dog. you a dog. you a dog. you a dog >> she say hater. >> how are you doing? here you go. [inaudible] [all talking at once] >> i got to make money to run the studio. you understand? >> you a dog. woof. woof. woof. here, rover. >> that is hate. in my city we call that hate >> you a dog.
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your daughter. your daughter. >> kirk: hang on >> i'm cool. >> kirk: i'm cool too so let me talk. candace let me talko you. nice to see you. why do you think he is a cheater? >> because he -- he dirty. he is a flirt a big flirt. >> i am a flirt. >> i caught him in my apartment complex trying to sell a dvd to one of my friend girls and i walked around like woof, like woof >> crazy, man >> you bust it, brother >> unbelievable. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> kirk: candace -- >> red light stuff >> stop hating. >> one day we had a red light. girls walk around with they booty shorts and he stops at the
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light now, and light turned green and he is still looking >> because she owed me money. she owed me money >> no. no. [all talking at once] >> kirk: let me tell you something as a businessman sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut. all right. listen, i have a question for you also since -- >> he like a barbie. you need to get a san tieder. -- sanitizer >> did you teach your daughter to bark >> yeah, my daughter. my daughter. you don't teach no kid stuff like that. >> kirk: candace hang on. tiffany what if you find out he is not cheating? are you going to back it up and know that he is making money?
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>> yes, i will leave it alone. >> kirk: if he is cheating then what? >> i don't want to be with him >> we in the studio nothing but trolls, trolls is hos. the high school different area you know what i'm saying. he like them all. >> kirk: listen candace, what if she fails what if she is cheating >> he deserves it. look what he is doing >> hey. hey. >> look what he does. >> kirk: if you find out he is not cheating >> i mean you do it in her face in the child's face. >> it ain't like that at all. >> kirk: next we will find out who the real dog in the relationship is because we tested tiffany, too. i will reveal the lie detector results when we come back. [applause]
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coming up on "the test"... a child hangs in the balance. >> we got a daughter together. i don't want to raise my daughter without you. >> will the test results tear this family apart? and later... did this man cheat on the happiest place on earth >> i think he went with ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ are you worried your daughter is
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having sex for money? does she have unexplained cash? if you want to get tohe truth with a lie detector call... [applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back. tiffany is convinced her music producer man is making more than music in the recording studio. he is making babies with another woman. but will she be singing a different tune after the test? time to hear cornelius' lie detector results. >> and get to the test. and get to the test. >> kirk: all right. and everything was smooth in there, professional, you were relaxed? >> i'm good >> kirk: whatever the results he passes he passes, he fails he fails. our lie detector administrator asked cornelius the following
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questions. >> see what's up. >> kirk: let's see what's up. dear sweet cornelius... while in a relationship with tiffany have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer, sir? >> no. >> you were nodding and said no, that is tricky. you failed. >> i told you. i told you. i told you. >> you failed. you failed. i know it. i know it. i know it. >> kirk: we are going to find out >> that is crazy. >> kirk: nothing is crazy. >> you know what i'm saying >> kirk: i know but this is real-life it's tricky. next question, sir. have you ever had unprotected sex with the pregnant woman in
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question? your answer? >> wait. no. no. no. not at a. you're safe? >> kirk: you're out. failed. >> crazy. it's crazy. >> you done lie. lie. >> it don't make no sense. i understand? man i don't know what it was about that. >> rover. >> kirk: today is all about honesty. what is going on? >> i'm sticking to my story, bro. hey. hey. i ain't sex with no pregnant woman and ain't had sex while in a relationship. it must have been while we were on and off >> kirk: that is not on a break or anything other than while in a relationship. >> i don't believe it.
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>> kirk: tiffany how do you feel? did you know it was happening? >> i know i had a feeling and my daughter -- >> i'm a flirt and you know i love you with all my heart, man. i love you with all my heart and i have not cheated on you. >> you don't love me. >> kirk: listen cornelius what have you been up to? this is your chance. i don't know if there is any chance of saving this but the key to saving you is being honest >> i haven't been with nobody. younow what i mean? i haven't cheated on her. and she knows that. she is with me when she is not at work she is with me all the time. be honest. i don't like the studio. you need to give up the business anyway you too old >> kirk: you think the studio is a bootyo >> it is. >> she see the money coming in. see the money coming in. it would be different if the money didn't come in.
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but you see the money coming in >> kirk: you are saying say since there's money coming in it is ok to be cheating >> it ain't what i'm saying i am sticking to my guns. the test, i ain't saying i don't know. i don't knowow the results when you ask the questions i don't know how it works >> kirk: i will tell you how it works. it's simple. >> tell me how it works >> kirk: it asks you a question and you give an answer. and when you are lying, it says you failed and then you lose your girlfriend. [laughter] >> all right >> kirk: is tiffany cheating, too? the results her test are next. we will be right back. next on th on on "the test." the shocking confession that could end this relationship for good >> i want you to tell him what
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the told the polygraph administrator >> we got a daughter together. i don't want to raise my daughter without you.
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coming up tomorrow is a twisted mother dghter love triangle. is her cub nothing more than a con man? >> he is a pathological liar. he said he was a marine >> when it comes to her daughter >> do they text each other >> it said wanted to have sex with a real woman.
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>> who is the liar now >> you never sent me the text that you sent him >> and you text her telling her... >> i have seen the messages i've read them. >> that is tomorrow. [applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test" i'm here with rneliu and tiffany and your cousin candace. before the break we learned that you have been cheating. you are denying it but i'm saying that you are a cheaterment and we found out that you had unprotected sex with the woman that is pregnant. not only is the test right it seems like your six-year-old daughter was right, also. all right. i think it's time to move on to your test. all right. our lie detector administrator asked tiffany the following questions. besides the time he knows about, have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else while in a relationship with cornelius?
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you have been telling cornelius that you have not had sexual intercourse with anybody he doesn't know about. but you lied. >> i did not lie. i did not lie >> i told you. i told you. i told you. man, i told you. i told you. >> that test i a lie. that is a lie. that is a lie. that is a lie. this is a lie. [all talking at once] >> kirk: hang on. wait. wait. wait. there was a confession. all right. you confessed to the polygraph administrator i want you to tell him what you told the polygraph administrator finance you say you didn't i will read it. because there is a confession here interest i did not confess to this. i haven't been with nobody >> kirk: should i read it? hang on. cornelius, i mean you can be upset but i'm not done with you
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yet. all right. you confessed to our polygraph administrator th you had sexual intercourse with somebody that cornelius is unaware of. then we tested you on your confession. besides the time he knows about, and besides what you confessed to, have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else while in a relationship with cornelius? >> no. >> kirk: she failed that as well >> man. man. >> that is a lie. that is a lie. >> baby >> kirk: so you are both cheaters. >> i ain't no cheater. >> i don't want to be with him. >> we got a daughter together i don't want to raise my daughter without you. >> having unprotected sex that is nasty. yes, it is. yes, it is. that is a lie. that is a lie >> kirk: so you are both cheaters. >> i am a cheater, you a
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cheater, too. >> i ain't been with nobody. >> be honest with me >> who you been with? tell me the truth >> kirk: you confessed >> no, i didn't, i don't remember that >> you been with your boyfriend i understand that your exboyfriend. >> ok if i did cheat what about what you done did. what about the women? >> kirk: let me speak the test is about getting honest. and you are both cheaters. ok. so possibly for the sake of the six-year-old daughter and you said that doesn't matter that is all that matters. >> all that matters, man >> kirk: i want to go back out and talk about this. and i want to see where we go from here >> it's unbelievable man >> kirk: and see is there's anything we can save here. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> one of the most pathetic lines i have ever heard from a confirmed cheater >> two minutes you know what i
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mean >> kirk: i think if it is a law if it's under three minutes it doesn't count. will they be able to stay together? you have a six-year-old daughter can you start fresh today? i'm shaq. i wake up cool. but this keeps it going. ♪ [ male announcer ] new gold bond powder spray. cool, dry, no mess. stay cool with gold bond. how do i r-o-l-a-i-d-s.n relief? [ male announcer ] rolaids starts working instantly, neutralizing 44% more acid than tums. rolaids. that's how you spell relief.
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do you believe a family member stole something valuable from you? do you have several suspects and you need to get to the truth? call... [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." before the break, i was sitting with cornelius and tiffany and candace and before the break we learned that you are a cheater and you are also a cheater.
9:26 am
all right. so maybe those doggy treats you should have been raining on stage here >> should have been giving them to your cousin. >> kirk: tiffany are you smiling and happy but you confessed to cheating and you are both cheaters and you have a six-year-old daughter in the middle of this. at the end of the day that is what is important. raising my daughter it wasn't important. but i tell you something -- >> kirk: but i tell you at the end of the day your daughter is important. at the beginning of the day, she is, too. all right. [applause] it has to start >> and i agree with that. i agree with that >> kirk: look at that. the bottom line where does it go from right here? i mean you have been a dog. you've been a dog you are a dog catcher. [laughter] all right. >> crazy. >> kirk: i mean is there any hope? >> no. >> kirk: or do you go separate ways and raise the child when -- >> at the end of the day
9:27 am
>> kirk: are you not happy with him? >> no. >> are you not happy with her? because if are you cheating and stopping at lights and everybody owes you money and kissing necks to get business maybe you shouldn't be together >> my situation is this and this is for real kirk from the bottom of my heart >> kirk: how can i believe anything you say when you deny the test >> i see what you saying. >> kirk: be real for me. listen before you can say i'm going to be real with you, be real and admit. she confessed will you admit finally so i can listen to you when you say i want to be real? otherwise you cannot be real and i don't want to talk to you. if i'm being honest and respecting you, respect my show. did you cheat? >> i cheated on you. [applause] >> kirk: all right. >> but it was like an argue many and i thought we was donement
9:28 am
you understand? me and you we had that fight about the situation. and it was like you know what situation i'm talking about i'm not going to bring up. and i did. it didn't last long two minutes you know what i mean >> it doesn't matter. that is all you had. that is all you had. >> kirk: i think there is a law under three minutes it doesn't count, right? all right. can we make a fresh start? maybe there is a minute in your calendar later where you can rekindle? listen you have a six-year-old daughter can you guys just start fresh today and stop fighting and give it another shot? >> i'm willing to do that. >> kirk: are you not? >> i don't want to. >> kirk: ok. >> it is what it is. >> kirk: the relationship is over. are you both cheaters anyway. you don't want to be together.
9:29 am
we will be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> a couple struggling with major trust issues. >> i went to his room one time and there was a bathing suit >> she lied about fake pregnancies twice >> kirk: can a test put an end to the accusations. while in a relationship with cindy have you had sexual contact
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>> do you like action?
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do youant to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area and would like to be in the studio audience for a taping of the test go to [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". my next guest sindy says she broke up with her boyfriend danny two days ago because she was convinced he was riding more than the tea cups at the happiest place on the earth >> i think he was having a secret affair at disneyland and that is why i kicked him out. >> kirk: danny says cindy is delusional and he was not that into her >> i have never had an affair at disneyland. cindy needs to calm down and quit accusing me of being a cheater >> kirk: please welcome cindy to
9:33 am
the show. [applause] cindy why are you here today? >> i'm here because i think my boyfriend has been cheating on me probably more than once. last week he came home by bus and he asked me questions about how to get to disneyland. i told him look it up on your phone. and he said i'm helping out a friend s there a girl at disneyland and he decided he was supposed to come home >> kirk: on his way to see you? >> he was supposed to come to see me. >> kirk: he wanted to stop at disneyland >> he said i thinkly stay downtown i'm not going to come home i will stay downtown and i think he went to disneyland and had an affair with somebody. and unfortunately it's not the first time i think he hadn affair with other people. he posts photos on facebook with him and other girls >> kirk: and you found bikini that was not yours? >> i went to his room and there
9:34 am
was a fat zebra bathing suit in the closet and i said whose is that? and he had a look on his face like busted. and he says it's my sister's and she asked me to sell it for her >> kirk: is there a big market for -- >> for fat bikinis there is. a >> kirk: let's see if danny was getting busy at the happiest place on earth. come on out, danny. [applause] >> i was not cheating. i don't know what the hell she is talking about. >> kirk: what was going on at didz any land >> i was trying to get directions for my aunt. >> kirk: why didn't you go home that night? >> because i'm not married. you know -- >> we are living together >> kirk: you are living with
9:35 am
somebody >> yeah, but i have friends and they want to hangout with me as well >> you promised me all day you are coming home and i bought you a bus ticket and you cheated on me >> i was complaining on it and things changed >> was there a zebra bikini? >> yes, there was and this young lady and i hung out one time months back and we went to the beach. and she -- >> kirk: while were you in the relationship you were hanging out? >> apparently. >> actually, i don't remember if we were together or not at the time. sometimes we -- >> i was in your room the next day >> kirk: do you take this relationship seriously? she seems to. but you kind of everything seems to be a joke >> no. >> kirk: do you want this relationship ? >> it's not like we're married like i said and i tell her that. and if it is like that because
9:36 am
it could be, she is a great woman and there's chemistry but stuff like that takes time. i was hurt in the past by my ex girl >> because he cheated on her and she dumped him and he was boo hooking over it and he cheated on her again with the same girl. >> that is not true >> that is true because thais what you told me >> she is lying again >> kirk: you act like you have been hurt before but you have been the cheater in the past? >> i have before. but that's the past. i am a new guy now and i have not cheated on her. >> we are going to find out aren't we. >> kirk: you will find out. now, you think danny uses you? >> i think he uses mement i do a lot for him. he wants to be a children's entertainer like a clown for kids parties so i tried to help him organize his stuff. >> kirk: that is all right. so you are a baseball player
9:37 am
>> yes. i am an instructor and help kids out in camps >> so i created websites and put up flyers to help him with his business and try to get him clients >> kirk: it sounds like she is doing a lot for the relationship. what are you doing for it? >> well, first off, i'm showing her love. >> kirk: besides helping out your aunt >> i'm like a friend as well. and without she doesn't have many friends from what she tells me. and i bring her a lot of joy. >> kirk: can i just tell you you say you bring her a lot of joy but she doesn't look happy. >> ok. all right. i know it seems like i'm the bad guy let me tell you about her. she lied about fake pregnancies twice >> you forgave me >> twice >> kirk: did you lie about fake pregnancies >> absolutely.
9:38 am
i felt he was two feet out the door. what else was i going to do. that was in the past. it's over >> that is not ok >> you forgave me. >> kirk: he was two feet out the door but if you figured if there was two little feet he would stick around. i will fake pregnancy and then i was going to have a miscarriage and that might have brought us closer together. what? >> kirk: i mean you see -- >> you see wham's saying. thank you. thank you. >> kirk: i got to tell you that is the worst way to make a relationship last. because you are basing it on a lie. [applause] >> i was in a desperate situation. i didn't want to lose him. i love him a lot >> kirk: but i'm just curious if you realize that to tell someone you are pregnant or someone to get excited and look forward to having a child and for you to say you have a miscarriage you have to think about what you are
9:39 am
doing to someone who thought he was about to become a father >> he was getting ready to man up >> kirk: do you know it is a terrible thingo do now? are you aware the worst thing a woman can do? >> absolutely and i feel horrible about it and it did damage our relationship for a whilement he forgave me because he is a forgiving person. but i do feel like he uses me. i don't think he gives a... about me. so i must be like a loser to be trying to get with him >> kirk: why are you here today if you think no one cares about each other? i'm more concerned about the imaginary baby you lost. when we come back we will find out if danny was messing around. i have the lie detector results when we come back. next on "the test"... i tried to get this couple to at least be a little nicer to each other. >> stop calling me fat all the time >> i said chubby >> kirk: no one needs to be
9:40 am
attacked for physical appearance. i mean this woman is beautiful.
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9:42 am
[applause] >> kirk: welcome back. before the break we were talking to cindy and danny a couple who broke up two days ago because she is convinced her boyfriend had a main squeeze on main street.
9:43 am
[laughter] all right. cindy, danny, talk to me. i'm curious. do you care about her? do you want this to work? could this be the woman for you? >> she very well could be. i do care about her >> kirk: what would have to happen? >> well, first off she would need to stop lying and stop being so insecure and accusing me of cheating when i never had >> you call me fat all the time >> no, i do not >> kirk: ever? ever? >> i called her chubby >> please, you straight up call me fat all the time. i don't know what you want from me. he says my personal trainer and -- >> kirk: are you her personal trainer >> and she calls me names. and things that i do not want to say. >> when you call me fat what do you want me to say? >> she says a lot of things about me. that it wouldn't be appropriate to say on tv.
9:44 am
>> kirk: why would you want to be in this relationship if he is so mean to you? i'm sure there's nothing she can say to you that makes you cry? i mean she is crying. whatever you are say something more hurtful. >> well, ok. first off women are more emotional. >> yeah. >> it's true. it's true. right? i am a male. >> kirk: you know what? we are lucky they are emotional so we know when we are being wrong. [applause] no one needs to ever be attacked for physical appearance. this woman is beautiful. [applause] >> the only weight that i'm going to lose is 185 pounds sitting there. you want me to lose weight >> kirk: you want her to lose weight is that part of your thing >> quit smoking is the main
9:45 am
thing. >> kirk: listen. what if you find out he hasn't cheated are you going to continue to fight for this? >> absolutely. if he did not cheat on me >> kirk: and if he did cheat if he's living in disneyland >> then there's going to be hell to pay and he can ride the tea cups i will change my number it will be over and i will not come back. it's easy for him to weezle his way back in. [applause] >> kirk: listen. if you believe in her, you got to quit calling her names and if you are her personal trainer and complaining about her weight you suck. [applause] well, it's time to find out the results of danny's lie detector. all right. and the test was smooth and everything ok in there? professional, relaxed? because this is fact. this is what we stand behind. if he passes he passes if he fails he does fail. our lie detector administrator asked dan anything following question here is the first one: while in
9:46 am
a relationship with cindy, have you had sexual intercourse with anybody else? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: he passed. one more. while in a relationship with cindy, have you had sexual contact with anybody else? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: he passed. [applause] we'll be right back.
9:47 am
next on "the test"... now that the test results are in can this couple find a way to be happy again? >> i sorry that i'm so insecure and i want you to come home >> kirk: do you want to come home? you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated
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to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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[applause] >> kirk: danny, cindy, found out that he was not cheating. >> yay >> kirk: you thought he was. he was just maybe helping his aunt get to disneyland late at night. 3 in the morning, i got to get to disneyland. [laughter] listen, where do we go from here? are you going to get back together? you broke up becse of this >> i want you to come home >> kirk: do you want to come
9:50 am
>> after -- at the moment no because she just threw me out accusing me when i'm innocent so i need a little time right now. [applause] >> kirk: that is fine. >> i'm sorry. >> kirk: i mean cindy what do you have to say? tell him. you threw this man out. >> i'm sorry. i love you a lot. and you are an amazing person and i'm sorry that i am so insecure that i thought you were cheating on me. and i want you to come home. but if you need time, then take it. >> kirk: and when you do come home which i think you better, give her the confidence to not be insecure. all right? [applause] listen, i wish you both the best of luc but you have a great guy here. this party clown baseball
9:51 am
player. listen, clowns are great. children listen if i wasn't doing this i would be a party clown. [applause] check out what is happening next time on "the test" >> tomorrow, is she sexting her mom's boyfriend? >> so theyext each other >> it said wanted to have sex with a real woman >> and her husband is not happy about it, either >> how dare you derek. i seen the messages i read them. i know my wife -- [inaudible] >> kirk: that is tomorrow. >> all right. has someone in your family being lying to you? if so it's time to put them to the test. visit for details. see you next time. thank you. [applause] [♪]
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live from new york city, it's "wendy williams." today t-boz and chili give a look at their new video. what it was like playing the super group tlc. adrienne bailon dishesnd all the latest "hot topics." now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you.
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thank you. drum roll! thank you. thank you for watching today! my co-hosts. i'm glad to be here. how you doin'? i'm doing good. we've got a great show for you. you know the youngest kardashians were caught in the club. and lindsay lohan might be up to her old tricks. plus, j-lo's man is setting the record straight about their relationship. let's talk aboutt and more. it's time for "hot topics." [ cheers and applause ]mk
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happy thursday! yep. they've got the spirit. i've got the spirit. i'm wearing purple today because it's spirit day. a lot of people don't know what that is. i'll fill you in. a day to honor young victims of bullying and show support to those being bullied including a lot of the gay youth get bullied a lot. for more information on spirit day, go to my facebook page, happy spirit day, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] all right. so the youngest kardashian sisters were out in the club. doing it big. doin' it. all right. kylie is only 16 and kendall the taller one is 17. and those girls are coming into their own, aren't they? cute girls. anyway, they were at a club where the theme of theight was sex. and it was 21 and older club in
9:58 am
west hollywood. tmz said the girls allegedly got carded but both of them presented i.d. saying they were of proper age, 21 and older. allegedly. and both -- and then, you know, they left the club. let me show you the picture of them leaving the club. my, haven't we become judgmental after we've gotten older. you didn't have fake i.d. when you were 15? i know i did. when i -- by the time i turned 16, i had the fake i.d. because i was taller, i was able to pass for it. if you saw these two jenner girls you would think they were 21 years old. how difficult is it with the fake i.d. come on, everybody. all right. i'll out myself. my co-hosts can keep their business to themselves. when i was 16 years old, all my friends at that point were 17 and i grew up in a greatown
9:59 am
where getting a car was like a rights of pasage. not for me because my parents couldn't afford that, but for everybody else. my friend liz slater had a car. i remember leslie schwartz had a sweet drop top mustang and she was into punk. and we used to use our fake i.d.s and go to hitsville downtown. and then we used to party at the empress. we used to -- this was back in the day, get nickel bag. look. look. perhaps as a grown adult you probably thought i'd be like shame on those kardashians and, really, yeah, shame on them because they can't get away with stuff like that and people not find out, you know. if we were famous when we were younger, i wouldn't have been underage drinking and doing other things that i did a


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